How to Change Unifi Name
How to Change Unifi Name

How to Change Unifi Name

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Changing Wi-Fi name may not be a fun thing to do. It takes a lengthy procedure to do it, and not everyone is blessed enough to be a true tech support for themselves. So, they hire someone to do it. Guess what, when it comes to changing Wi-Fi name, it is not as difficult as it sounds. It may be true that it takes a lengthy procedure to begin with, but what about taking it as a challenge for you? That will be a lot of fun!

So, what will you need to change your Wi-Fi name? In order to make this procedure of how to change Unifi name successful, you only need to prepare your internet connection, a gadget that can access internet (preferably a PC or a desktop), plus, an Ethernet cable if you opt to connect your desktop via LAN port. Once you’ve prepared those things, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Connect your gadget (desktop, laptop, tab, or even mobile phone but the two front most are the preferred ones) to your Unifi network.
  2. After having your gadget connected to the network, continue by accessing the router’s IP address. Typically, all routers have the same IP address which is or or probably the rarest one:
  3. Then, to change your network name, typically you will be prompted to login as admin as you reached the page. Enter your administrator username and password. This information typically will be enclosed even before the time you configure the router for the first time.
  4. As you entered the router’s settings, you can proceed to pick Wireless menu. Typically, you will see this menu on the vertical menu on the left side of your page.
  5. Continue to change your network’s name on a text box titled as either Name or SSID. Each kind of router has its different name, so it’d be better if you find a text box that has your network’s name.
  6. As you find the text box in question, you can proceed to change its name. Additionally, you can as well change your network’s password while still on the page.
  7. Finished customizing? Now it’s time to save the changes that you have just done. You can click on Apply or Save to finalize your change. How to Change Unifi Name
  8. As the last step, you’ll have to wait for the router to reboot. This is a common occurrence, since the router is adjusting its settings to a new change. That said your current network will be interrupted. Your download may also be affected or even cancelled. So, make sure you anticipate this before changing network-related aspects of your router.

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And voila! The procedure of how to change Unifi name is done. The procedure can also be applied to any kinds of router; but keep in mind that the terms may differ from one brand to another. After changing the network’s name, what’s left is to reconnect your PC, desktop, mobile phone, or tab to the network again. Not to forget, the newly set password, if you change this as well.