How to Check Balance Tune Talk
How to Check Balance Tune Talk

How to Check Balance Tune Talk

Talking about operator providers available in Malaysia, the options are varied. There are even ones that are popularly known as Mobile Virtual Network Operator. For those of you who don’t know, MVNO is a company that resells wireless communication services.

In Malaysia, Tune Talk is dubbed the largest MVNO operator provider in the country. All the services they have to offer are considerably cheaper than other MVNO providers. No wonder that most Malaysians opt for this provider.

Suppose you are a new user of this operator. In that case, you probably have a bit of difficulty on how to check your Tune Talk balance, primarily if you use its prepaid plan. There are two methods to perform this balance checking process: dial code and Tune Talk mobile application.

Via Dial Code

This is by far the fastest method on how to check balance Tune Talk. You don’t need an internet connection to do this. You simply need to make sure your smartphone receives a decent enough signal.

Here are the step-by-step instructions to check your Tune Talk balance through dial code:

  1. Tap on the Phone or Call icon on your smartphone or tablet. Then, press on OK or Call.
  2. Enter *134# to check your balance. Then, press on OK or Call. How to Check Balance Tune Talk via Dial Call
  3. You will find a pop-up window stating your data balance, voice balance, and free calls.
  4. If you want to know further about your balance, you can dial *111#. In a moment, you will receive information regarding your prepaid subscription, account information, credit transfer, benefits, and other services.How to Check Balance Tune Talk via Phone Call

Via Tune Talk Mobile App

How to Check Balance Tune Talk via App
If you want a more convenient method to check your Tune Talk balance, perhaps you should download and install the Tune Talk mobile app on your smartphone right now. This app is available in App Store and Play Store.

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Not only can you check your current balance, but you can also perform other things, such as checking your data plan, data usage, top up credits, redeem the promotion, and so on. Without further ado, here are the detailed instructions on how to check balance Tune Talk via mobile app:

  1. As briefly mentioned above, make sure the Tune Talk mobile app has already been installed on your iPhone or Android devices. Since it’s using a mobile application, therefore your device should be connected to an internet network. Consider using a WiFi network if you are unable to connect to the Tune Talk network because you are running out of internet data.
  2. Launch the mobile app and register your number. Simply enter your Tune Talk number, and you will receive an OTP for confirmation. Enter the OTP sent to your number and enter your desired password. Now, you have successfully created a Tune Talk account.
  3. Your current balance will automatically be displayed on the home page of the app. You will also see other details, such as data usage, the validity of your current package, points that you can redeem with other exciting packages, and so on.