How to Register Tune Talk SIM Card
How to Register Tune Talk SIM Card

How to Register Tune Talk SIM Card

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SIM (Subscriber Identification Module/Subscriber Identity Module) card is a small-sized memory card that carries unique information and personal data. It is issued by mobile network providers. Majority of phone models require a SIM card as a means of owner identification and in order to be able to communicate to cellular networks.

In short, it lets the owner utilize their devices to send and receive text messages, perform phone calls, and connect to internet services.

As mentioned above, the card carries specific user’s data including their phone number, identity, text messages, and contact lists. SIM cards may be available in varying sizes, but all of them contain similar types of information within their chip. They may have different memory space capacity, but it doesn’t have anything to do with their physical size.

As one of the mobile network providers in Malaysia, Tune Talk also offers SIM cards to their existing and potential customers. Their SIM cards are available starting from RM5. You can get them from the official outlet stores or prepaid dealers.

Tune Talk even allows you to select your own number, if you choose to buy the card online from their official website. All you have to do is create an online account, fill up the form, print out the receipt, and bring it to the nearest dealers of Tune Talk.

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After you get the card in your hand, you have to register. The following guide shows you how to register Tune Talk SIM card in a few simple steps:

  1. Download and install the Tune Talk mobile app on your device.
  2. Launch the app and then go to the menu Register or Get SIM.
  3. Scan your newly purchased SIM Card.
  4. Provide your identity card by scanning it. Use your NRIC or passport if you are a foreigner.
  5. Provide ownership verification by performing face recognition.
  6. Start to use your SIM card after the registration and activation processes are completed. How to Register Tune Talk SIM Card via app

If you have followed all the steps on how to register Tune Talk SIM card guide above properly but encountered errors during the process, ten there are several possible reasons that cause the issue. Here are some methods to perform troubleshoot that you can do:

  • Remove the card and check if there’s physical damage on it.
  • Remove the card and then insert it back to see if it works.
  • Remove the card and try it on another mobile device to see if it’s still experiencing an error.

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In case the problem still persists even after you’ve done all the troubleshooting methods provided above, then you need to replace the card. Visit the nearest Tune Talk dealers to get a SIM card replacement with the same phone number for RM5, which is the price of the new SIM card. This process will take up approximately 24 hours before you get a new card.

As the customer, you are also offered another option to get a new SIM card replacement without retaining your number for free. It only applies 48 hours after the purchase time written on your receipt.