How to Unsubscribe Tune Talk Plan
How to Unsubscribe Tune Talk Plan

How to Unsubscribe Tune Talk Plan

Tune Talk is another renowned mobile network provider in Malaysia. Just like other providers, Tune Talk offers a lot of services. One of them is fast internet service that you can use after purchasing data plan from the mobile service provider. This will require you to have enough balance to subscribe to the plan, and activate it using a specific method be it through SMS, UMB code, or through mobile app purchase.

However, some people may find the service of Tune Talk a misfit hence, they are thinking about unsubscribing to its service. Therefore, they won’t get a renewal which means they will get charged for the service they don’t want.

To unsubscribe from Tune Talk data plan service, it is nothing difficult at all. All you need to do is this procedure of how to unsubscribe Tune Talk plan.

  1. First, make sure you have used the best from your data plan. Discontinuing your subscription only after several days after your subscription will disserve you a lot. Since you will not be able to use the remaining internet quota after you unsubscribe from the data plan.
  2. Once you make sure you have already used a great number of the purchased internet quota, you can decide on unsubscribing the data plan.
  3. Grab your phone, head to Messages app.
  4. Then, proceed to create a new message.
  5. Set the recipient to 2222. This number is Tune Talk’s short code number for subscribing, unsubscribing, or checking your data plan status. How to Unsubscribe Tune Talk Plan via SMS Phone
  6. Continue by typing the unsubscribing code. The code depends on which data plan you are subscribing. For example:
  • Let’s say you have been using monthly data plan with internet quota of 8GB. For this kind of subscription, your keyword/code will be 8G STOP.
  • If you are using a monthly 4G data plan with 10GB Booster, the keyword will be BP2 STOP.
  • If you are only using 120GB yearly data plan, the code to unsubscribe from the service will be 120G STOP. How to Unsubscribe Tune Talk Plan via SMS

For another kind of internet package, you can check the short code from the official website of Tune Talk:

  1. Once you finished typing the keyword according to the internet plan you are using, send the message.
  2. If the discontinuation of the service is successfully carried out, then you will be no longer able to access internet using the internet plan. Therefore, you should connect to any Wi-Fi network, or purchasing the new internet plan so you can use internet on your phone.

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One thing that you should remember regarding this matter: it’d be better if you do unsubscribe to the mobile internet service only several days before the renewal day comes. For example, if you purchased your last monthly data package on May 15, make sure to unsubscribe it before June 15.

But, that doesn’t mean you should stop using Tune Talk’s service after several days only. As said earlier, before applying those aforementioned procedures of how to unsubscribe Tune Talk plan, make sure to get the best from your data plan.